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What is Joint and Several Liability?

01 Aug, 2022

Personal injury laws in California ensure that injured parties receive adequate compensation to cater to their monetary and non-monetary damages. In cases with more than one defendant, civil court judges use joint and several liability laws in awarding...

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Understanding Comparative Negligence and Fault

17 Jun, 2022

When you are involved in an accident, the problematic question you want to ask is who is responsible. In some accidents, it is clear the person to blame, but in others, it is unclear. At this point, the issue of comparative negligence or fault comes in....

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How Much can you Sue the Liable Party for in a Car Accident in Los Angeles?

20 May, 2022

Car accidents happen every day in California. The accident victims suffer losses, including severe injuries and property damages. The law in the state does not provide a specific limit about how much the victims can recover. The victims have the right...

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Filing a Lawsuit After an Accident Caused by a Driver Charged with DUI

25 Apr, 2022

Operating a vehicle while under alcohol or drugs in California can attract severe penalties. The injuries and damages sustained in these accidents might be devastating. In many cases, the accidents result in several deaths. However, the law allows the...

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