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What is Reportable Collision?

12 Oct, 2023

While car accidents are relatively common, most of us do not anticipate being involved in one. Consequently, we are often unsure about the necessary steps to take after a crash. California law mandates the reporting of most car accidents to the...

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How to Present a Ladder Injury Lawsuit

10 Oct, 2023

Ladders are excellent tools in industrial and construction jobs and home maintenance to clean gutters and perform other household activities. Nevertheless, a faulty ladder can cause a fall, resulting in serious injuries. Also, improper use of the tool...

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What Can I Expect From Motorcycle Accident Compensation Payouts?

26 Sep, 2023

All parties have an interest in avoiding the time and expense that trials entail, which is why settlement agreements are reached in nearly every motorcycle crash case. The first step to securing the best possible deal out of a motorcycle accident...

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How Does the Driverless Car Accident Lawsuit Work in California?

21 Sep, 2023

Autonomous driving technology holds promise for enhancing road safety by addressing human error, a leading cause of accidents. Like any technology, autonomous vehicles are not entirely immune to accidents. Determining responsibility in autonomous...

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